THIS MEANS WAR! The Nordic Walking Pole Has Landed

Have you or someone you love ever, for physical exercise, walked, jogged, run, or cycled down residential streets? If so, have you or your loved one ever been chased or even bitten by a dog of any variety or size? If yes, how frightened or angry were you/they? Was there retaliation (either immediate or delayed), or a burning desire to lash out; to get even?

If you said, “Yes” to more than a couple of these questions, I think that you or your loved one might very well find today’s post a particularly relevant, and perhaps entertaining read. So let’s have a peek into the regular workout world of an interesting character—an especially multi-faceted little man—and see how he handled his trial by fang.

NOTE: A CAUTION TO THE READER – The management wishes to make clear that although styled to look like a newswire press report, the reader is urged to observe the following: Look carefully at the three, not two letters of the wire service identifier at the top of the story, and at the ownership notice at the bottom of this piece). This post is not #FakeNews, but rather a fictional man on the news tale. So remember, #MoeNtale, NOT #FakeNews. You may now proceed to the biggest, baddest nasty little dog story ever told. Continue reading “THIS MEANS WAR! The Nordic Walking Pole Has Landed”