A Bit About This Blog

“Strange” does not necessarily equal bad as regards the character and worth of the human soul. In fact, arguably some of the strangest people ever to live have been among the very greatest. This is a bit of an odd topic to take up for a blog though, isn’t it? Maybe.

But maybe there are epic reasons for a certain strangeness in humanity. Perhaps there is beauty among the curious ones. It’s been on my mind a lot for a long time now. The normal “About” menu you may be looking for isn’t up there here. In its place, you will find Why “Strange?”, and that page should give you a pretty good sense of what I would like us to think about here.

Adding to the Beauty

The following very short piece—originally posted on the blog for my original instrumental music production project I did back in 2012—will serve as the inaugural post for this, my new creative venture. My “Adding to the Beauty” was written (as inspired by the lyrics to Sara Groves’ title track from her 2005 album Add to the Beauty) captures the spirit of what I hope to do here.

In all of art, I dare say that its creators share a common thread: the desire to articulate meaning and to serve a higher purpose than just a singular piece of art can ever do when seen or listened to in isolation from life’s larger context. Good art does that. It sheds light on meaning, on beauty. Continue reading “Adding to the Beauty”