Work Envy: The Riddle Revealed

This “Part II” of the original post on our Work Envy problem gives us much more to think about. Answers are proposed, a riddle is unraveled, and the results could be both transferrable and transformative.

A few months back, I wrote a piece and posted it to this site titled “Work Envy: From the Ditch of My Discontent.” In it, I told a story of two very different kinds of work that a buddy of mine out west in the High Plains, and I, here in the Southeast, were doing on the same day and how that made me feel, and view myself. Continue reading “Work Envy: The Riddle Revealed”

Work Envy: From the Ditch of My Discontent

Envy is nothing to joke about—after all, it’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins, right? In this post, I do admit to taking a somewhat light-hearted look (but with a serious twist) at what happens when a guy looked at another guy’s work, and wished he got to do that cool stuff instead of his own boring stuff. The results, reflection, and conclusions in the “Part II” post of this two-part miniseries may lead you to re-think your own approach when you feel Work Envy encroaching in your world.

“Ninety-seven percent of doctors surveyed agree that we all experience the disorder known as ‘Work Envy,’ (WE) in some form, an average of 1.87 days per week.”

From A Well Known, Highly Respected Medical Journal

Continue reading “Work Envy: From the Ditch of My Discontent”